Real Estate

Are you leasing, purchasing or selling real estate? Have problems with your neighbor, HOAs or unauthorized use of your property? Home construction or repair warranty issues? Bernick Legal Services will help protect your property rights.

  • Landlord Services
  • Tenant Services
  • Real Estate Closings
  • Deed Conveyances
  • HOA disputes
  • Trespass and Land Use
  • Home Construction and Repair
  • Land Use and Trespass
  • Residential and Commercial Leases
  • Document Review
  • Other Real Estate Issues

Consumer Law and Contracts

Victim of fraud, misrepresentation or other deceptive business practice? Bernick Legal Services offers affordable flat fee services that will help protect you from unscrupulous vendors and contractors.

  • Disputes over Auto Repairs
  • Home Repair Warranty Disputes
  • Contract Drafting and Review
  • Vehicle Title Disputes
  • Seller Misrepresentations
  • Deceptive Trade Practices
  • All Consumer Protection Issues

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