Bundle of sticks! Your interests in real property, whether you are the owner or a tenant, can be characterized as a “bundle of sticks”.  Each stick represents a specific right to use, enjoy and profit from the property. As an attorney, my goal and my passion is to help my clients preserve every stick in their bundle by fighting off those who would break them.

After 10 years as a Real Estate Broker, I decided to pursue one of my long-term goals of obtaining a law degree.  I enrolled at St. Mary’s University School of Law in May 2011 where I   graduated with honors, in the top 10% of my class.  I also hold a Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) degree and a Masters of Business of Administration (MBA) degree, both from the University of Houston.

As a real estate Broker, I frequently worked with clients whose legal property rights were being violated by the others such as Home Owner’s Associations, uncooperative and unruly neighbors, trespassers, the government, bad tenants and even bad landlords.  The reason I practice law is my desire to protect my clients from those that would violate their property rights.

I also accept cases involving consumer protection. Under Texas law, as a consumer you have the right to be protected from seller misrepresentations, fraud, breaches of warranty, and other unfair trade practices.  Many consumers, especially those with low to moderate incomes, are too often unfairly treated and frankly ripped off by product and service providers.

I offer my clients these access to protection under the law by providing affordable and limited scope legal services. This includes advice and counseling on how you can pursue a legal claim on your own, and the drafting of specific documents such as demand letters and court petitions.

Of course, I also provide turnkey full representation. However, as a client, if you cannot afford or do not want full representation, I am willing to provide you only the essential services you need to pursue your claim and protect your rights.   Whatever your situation, I am willing to assist with your real estate and consumer law needs.