Real Estate Closings: Document Review -$150, Document Review and Attend Closing -$300

When you purchase or sell a house or other real property you will be required to sign numerous documents including the deed, the title insurance policy, promissory note, deed of trust, disclosures and more. These documents define your legal rights – what you own (or don’t), what your liabilities are to others, what obligations other parties have to you, what protections you have from claims of others. Understand what your title insurance covers and, in most cases, what it doesn’t cover. Protect your rights and understand the purpose of each document you sign. Have an attorney either review the documents before closing or attend the closing with you. Contact Andrew Bernick at 512-763-5370 or by email at

Document Review - $150, Document Review and Attend Closing - $300

Demand Letter via Certified Mail – $360

If you are locked in a disagreement with another person or a company, you might be considering filing a lawsuit.  However, civil litigation can be expensive and often may take months or even years to be concluded.  Before filing a lawsuit you should first make a formal written demand of that party to attempt to resolve the issue without litigation   A well crafted Demand Letter from an attorney will clearly establish

  • what legal issue you want resolved,
  • what rights you are asserting,
  • how the offending party has violated those rights, and
  • the legal remedies and damages you will seek if not resolved.

The Demand Letter is often the first and last step to resolving a dispute.  If you are in a dispute and believe your rights have been violated, contact Attorney Andrew Bernick to issue a Demand Letter on your behalf.  Call 512-763-5370 or email


Lease Drafting and Review: Drafting or Review – $150

If you are a landlord renting residential or commercial property do not enter into a lease without a comprehensive written lease contract.  The laws that govern landlord/tenant relationships vary from state to state.  Leases for property located in Texas should be specific to the Texas Property Code. As a landlord or tenant it is most important that there is a clear understanding of each parties’ obligations concerning rent payments and fees, security deposits, repair obligations, the right to terminate early, etc.  A well-written and comprehensive lease is essential to avoiding common landlord/tenant conflicts and staying out of court.  For assistance with your lease, call Andrew Bernick at 512-763-5370 or email him at

Drafting or Review - $150

Easements and Deed Covenants: Drafting and Recording – $350

If you have granted or are being granted an easement across the property of another, or would like to record promises (covenants) with neighbors about land use, it is important that the easement or covenant be properly documented and recorded with the county clerk’s office.  Failure to record with the County Clerk will result in the easement or covenant to not “run with the land” when the property changes ownership.  This means that is as an easement holder you may lose the right to use the easement if the other party sells their property.  As well, if you are benefiting from a covenant or promise with a neighbor about use of land, and the neighbor sells their property, the new neighbor may have no obligation to you if the easement or covenant is not recorded. To protect your ownership and land use rights, have us ensure that properly drafted easements and covenants are recorded in the county records.  For assistance, call Andrew Bernick at 512-763-5370 or email


Drafting and Recording - $350

Home Owners Association Dispute -Free Consultation

The HOA rules for you community are typically detailed in the community’s Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (the CCRs).  Most likely you agreed, knowingly or not, to abide by these rules when you purchased the property in the community.  However, HOAs have been known to overextend their authority or apply their enforcement in non-uniform manner, such as targeting some property owners while favoring others, or arbitrarily enforcing neglected rules at great expense to property owners.  If you have a major dispute and believe your HOA is violating your rights as a property owner you can take legal action.  For a consultation to evaluate your rights with regards to an HOA, call Andrew Bernick at 512-763-5370 or email

Free consultation

Foreclosure – Free consultation

In Texas, mortgage loans must typically be 120 days delinquent before a lender can start the foreclosure process.  However there are exceptions, such as for some small lenders, which allow the process to begin even if you are only one day late with payment.  The process can be completed in as little as 45 days.  Mortgage lenders typically may foreclose using a non-judicial foreclosure process (i.e. no court order required).  However, the government must obtain a court order to foreclose for unpaid taxes.  The are very specific steps and notice requirements the lender must follow to successfully foreclose on your property.  If you are facing foreclosure, there are many opportunities to stop or force a delay of the process.  It is highly recommended you obtain legal counsel. Contact Andrew Bernick at 512-763-5370 or by email at to schedule a free consultation.

Free consultation

Home Construction Contracts: Drafting-$350, Document Review-$150

Don’t let your dream home become a nightmare! If you considering hiring a contractor to build your your new dream house then it is essential that you have an attorney experienced in the building process to draft or review the legal documents.  There are many potential issues and areas of potential conflict that can arise during the construction process. What is the scope of the work? What grade of materials will be used?  What are the construction timelines? Payment schedule? Warranties?  These and many other issues should be clearly spelled out in a comprehensive, well-written contract.  Managing expectations is the key to successfully avoiding unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings which too often turn into litigation.  For assistance with your home construction contract, call Attorney Andrew Bernick at 512-763-5370 or email

Drafting - $350, Document Review - $150

Court Documents – Pro Se Petitions, Answers and Motions

If you have been sued, or considering a lawsuit against another party, it is your right to represent yourself as a “Pro Se” party.  Drafting court documents and following court procedure are the biggest challenges for Pro Se litigants. Most lawsuits never get to a court room but are negotiated and decided through the drafting and filing of court documents such as petition, the answer, and motions and orders.  There are specific drafting and procedural requirements for court  documents.  As well, it is critical that the court documents specify the specific legal causes of action and damages sought or you run the risk of waiving the right to claim them.  For assistance in the formulation and drafting of legal court documents for Pro Se representation, contact Andrew Bernick at 512-763-5370 or email