Home builder repair and warranty dispute?

Each newly constructed home in Texas comes with an “implied warranty of performance of good and workmanlike manner”. This simply means that the builder is held to the standard of how a good builder in the area, working under similar circumstances, would perform.  In addition your construction contract or home purchase contract may provide additional express warranties. If you believe that the builder has not met this standard and he is not correcting the substandard work, then you can sue for monetary damages. The first step is to have an attorney familiar with construction contracts to review your documents and the repair problems you are having to determine whether you have a case.  If you do have a case then the first step in resolving a warranty dispute with your home builder is to have an attorney send the builder a Demand Letter.  A well-written demand letter will outline the issue(s) you are having, state your legal rights and cause of action, the steps you demand the builder take, and the monetary damages you will seek if the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction.  For assistance with a Demand Letter or consultation about your issues with a home builder, contact Andrew Bernick at 512-763-5370 or email Andrew@BernickLegal.com.

Demand Letter via Certified Mail – $360