Landlord refuses to make repairs

In Texas,  a landlord is only required to make repairs of the property if either it is:

  • required in a written lease, or
  • a condition that affects the health or safety of the tenant (i.e. waste water backup, no hot water, rodents, no air conditioning in summer, etc).

As well,  the tenant must be current with rent or the landlord is not obligated for ANY repairs.  The landlord’s duty to repair is detailed in the Texas Property Code sec 92.0561.  If the above conditions are met, there are specific procedural steps required of the tenant to either force the landlord to pay for a repair or allow for the termination of the lease.

If you are a tenant, and you believe your landlord has not fulfilled his legal obligation to make repairs, you might consider consulting an attorney to advise you on the necessary steps to either force the landlord to pay for the repairs or allow you to legally terminate the lease

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Demand Letter via Certified Mail – $360