How do I get my personal property back?

If another person has taken possession of your personal belongings and refuses to return them to you then you have different options.  First, you have a right to just pick up your belongings if you can do so without breaching the peace.  If you are uncertain whether you can do so without creating a disturbance you might consider consulting local law enforcement.

However, if your belongings are locked up or inaccessible, or perhaps you do not know the location of your belongings, then you may need legal assistance.  You might consider hiring an attorney to mail a Demand Letter to the party in possession of your belongings.  A well written Demand Letter will state the issue, your legal rights, and the legal action you will take if your property is not promptly returned.  Often a Demand Letter form an attorney will quickly resolve the issue.  Finally, if the property is not returned, you could seek a court order and even sue the other party for conversion (theft) or trespass to chattels (personal property) and perhaps win punitive monetary damages.

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Demand Letter via Certified Mail – $360