Security Deposit Dispute – Landlord’s Right to Deduct Expenses

What can be deducted from a security deposit?

Settling a security deposit with a tenant can be a landlord’s nightmare.  When a landlord deducts charges from the tenant’s security deposit a dispute often arises.  These disputes often end in litigation.

A landlord is required to follow very specific rules before deducting expenses from the tenant’s deposit.  The Texas Property Code details the rules landlords must follow. There are specific rules on what can and cannot be deducted.  Also, the landlord must document and itemize any deductions from a security deposit.  As well, the security deposit, less any deductions, must be returned to the tenant within a 30 day deadline.

What is “normal wear and tear”?

A landlord can deduct for damage that is not “normal wear and tear” on the property.  Are the needed repairs and maintenance a result of “normal wear and tear” by the tenant?  Or are the needed repairs a result of tenant abuse and neglect?  There is often no easy answer.  The key is to be reasonable.  The determination is often specific to the situation.

Document property condition and itemize deductions!

A landlord should document the property condition before the tenant moves in and after the tenant vacates. Also, the landlord should itemize each expense and justify why it was a legitimate deduction from the security deposit.  Furthermore, the landlord may inadvertendly waive the right to reimbursement for legitimate expenses if the landlord fails to itemize the deductions.

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Lease Property, Code Compliance check -$200

The Texas Property code has specific code requirements for any lease property.  In addition, local municipalities often have additional code requirements. Failure to comply can result in significant fines.  Disgruntled tenants may report code violations to local authorities resulting in significant fines. We will inspect your lease property to ensure that you are in compliance with all state and local code, including locks, smoke detectors, door viewers, slide doors, etc. For more information, contact us at 512-763-5370 or email

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