Demand Letter via Certified Mail – $360

If you are locked in a disagreement with another person or a company, you might be considering filing a lawsuit.  However, civil litigation can be expensive and often may take months or even years to be concluded.  Before filing a lawsuit you should first make a formal written demand of that party to attempt to resolve the issue without litigation   A well crafted Demand Letter from an attorney will clearly establish

  • what legal issue you want resolved,
  • what rights you are asserting,
  • how the offending party has violated those rights, and
  • the legal remedies and damages you will seek if not resolved.

The Demand Letter is often the first and last step to resolving a dispute.  If you are in a dispute and believe your rights have been violated, contact Attorney Andrew Bernick to issue a Demand Letter on your behalf.  Call 512-763-5370 or email