Easements and Deed Covenants: Drafting and Recording – $350

If you have granted or are being granted an easement across the property of another, or would like to record promises (covenants) with neighbors about land use, it is important that the easement or covenant be properly documented and recorded with the county clerk’s office.  Failure to record with the County Clerk will result in the easement or covenant to not “run with the land” when the property changes ownership.  This means that is as an easement holder you may lose the right to use the easement if the other party sells their property.  As well, if you are benefiting from a covenant or promise with a neighbor about use of land, and the neighbor sells their property, the new neighbor may have no obligation to you if the easement or covenant is not recorded. To protect your ownership and land use rights, have us ensure that properly drafted easements and covenants are recorded in the county records.  For assistance, call Andrew Bernick at 512-763-5370 or email  Andrew@BernickLegal.com


Drafting and Recording – $350