Eviction (for Tenants): Half-hour consultation -$150

A landlord can terminate a lease for any material and substantial breach of the lease contract.  Failure to pay rent is the most common reason and a landlord can seek an eviction even if you are only ONE day late with rent.  In Texas, a landlord attempting to evict a residential tenant must obtain a court order and Writ of Possession from the local Justice Court.  There are multiple steps to this process.  Providing a three day Notice to Vacate is the first step. If you are a tenant and have been given a Notice to Vacate but believe your rights under the lease have been violated, then contact Andrew Bernick for a consultation. Andrew will evaluate your rights under the lease, and the circumstances, and help you prepare a strategy to fight the eviction. Call 512-763-5370 or email Andrew@BernickLegal.com.

Half hour consultation – $150