Home Construction Contracts: Drafting-$350, Document Review-$150

Don’t let your dream home become a nightmare! If you considering hiring a contractor to build your your new dream house then it is essential that you have an attorney experienced in the building process to draft or review the legal documents.  There are many potential issues and areas of potential conflict that can arise during the construction process. What is the scope of the work? What grade of materials will be used?  What are the construction timelines? Payment schedule? Warranties?  These and many other issues should be clearly spelled out in a comprehensive, well-written contract.  Managing expectations is the key to successfully avoiding unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings which too often turn into litigation.  For assistance with your home construction contract, call Attorney Andrew Bernick at 512-763-5370 or email Andrew@BernickLegal.com.

Drafting – $350, Document Review – $150