Mechanics Lien: Pre-lien Notices and Filing -$350, Half-hour Consultation – $150

Mechanic Liens or Materialsman Liens can be placed on real estate property to secure payment of a debt.  If you are a general contractor, sub-contractor, or supplier of materials or labor, and you have not been paid for your services or product by the property owner, you may have a right to place a lien on the property. With a Mechanics or Materialsman Lien on the property, the owner will be unable to sell or refinance the property without paying the unpaid amounts due.  Texas has specific notice requirements and filing deadlines before a lien can be placed. To file a Mechanics Lien, or to have lien removed from your property, contact Andrew Bernick at 512-763-5370 or email

Pre-lien Notices and Filing – $350, Half-hour Consultation – $150