Quitclaim Deed: Drafting and Recording -$300

A Quitclaim Deed transfers any ownership interest or claims on real estate property, but it does not provide any guarantees or warranty from the person surrendering the Deed that the title to the property is otherwise valid.  The Quitclaim Deed is often used to cure a defect (a “cloud on the title”) or to pass ownership to another person when no money is exchanged. Quitclaim Deeds are also commonly used when a person is passing their rights in a piece of property to a spouse or ex-spouse, gifting a property to another person or family member, transferring ownership in a property to a trust, and correcting the spelling of a name in a previous deed. For assistance with Quitclaim Deeds contact Andrew Bernick at 512-763-5370 or email him at Andrew@BernickLegal.com.

Drafting and Recording – $300